What does “PASREL” mean?

PASREL stands for “Paris-Saclay formation recherche et hôpital”, which means “Paris-Saclay, training, research and hospital”. It illustrates our desire to build bridges between all the stakeholders in healthcare innovation, and our conviction that this is the essential condition for quickly bringing useful innovations to the patient's bedside.

Who is in charge of PASREL?

PASREL is a project of the Paris-Saclay University, born in the Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot (SHFJ) of the CEA. It is supported by the CEA, the CNRS, the Inserm and the Paris-Saclay University.

What is the difference between “PASREL”, the “PASREL Hub”, the PASREL building and PASREL-Imagerie?

PASREL aims at connecting the technological research communities, the healthcare world and manufacturers for the benefit of the patients. This is achieved through several entities:

- a common coordination team led by professor Vincent Lebon

- an interdisciplinary programme of Paris-Saclay University , the PASREL Hub

- the PASREL building, built in 2027 in the immediate vicinity of the future Paris-Saclay Hospital (GHNE)

- PASREL-Imagerie, a program focused on the field of medical imaging and based on four sites with unique imaging systems for preclinical and clinical studies (IDMIT, MIRCen, NeuroSpin and SHFJ).

Is there a PASREL "place" or is it merely a network?

PASREL is a network of research laboratories (the PASREL Hub); of healthcare institutions and a coordination team led by Prof. Vincent Lebon of the SHFJ (CEA). In 2027, this team will move into the PASREL building that will be built in the immediate vicinity of the Paris-Saclay Hospital.

I am a manufacturer who is developing an innovative health project. Can PASREL help me?

PASREL may help you:

  • to identify expertise and platforms within the perimeter of the Paris-Saclay University in order to assist you in the development of your health innovation;
  • to identify healthcare institutions likely to test, validate or deploy your healthcare innovation.

Contact us at pasrel@cea.fr

Can PASREL finance my innovative project?

PASREL is not a funding agency, but we can direct you to the appropriate funding agencies.

I am a healthcare institution that wants to test health innovations. What should I do?

PASREL is building a network of healthcare institutions willing to meet research laboratories of the Paris-Saclay University. These meetings are intended to allow them to express their needs in technological innovations, to identify academic partners and to organize to test and validate innovations. Contact us at pasrel@cea.fr.