This page aims to identify calls for collaborations in the field of health technologies.

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Looking for physicians, pharmacists or bioinformaticians to collaborate on the study of iatrogenic effects of prescriptions in mental health

  Dr Eric Brunet, Dr Paul Roux and Nathan Vidal of the Psychiatry and development trajectories (DisAP) team of CESP  « Treatments in psychiatry in most cases stabilize the patient but often lead to the development of harmful side effects. Currently, our team is studying how prescriptions partially contribute to the […]

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Looking for physicians or biologists to collaborate on network medicine – Franck Delaplace

  Franck Delaplace, from the IBISC Laboratory COSMO team: “Our research focuses on the controllability of networks. Biological networks provide a systemic understanding of molecular processes based on the interactome analysis. In this context, the challenge of network controllability is to define which specific actions performed on molecules deliberately deviate […]

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