The 30/05/2023

Visit to PASREL-imaging platforms

Visit to PASREL-imaging platforms

PASREL-imagerie organized a visit to the MIRCen (Molecular Imaging Research Center) and IDMIT (Infectious Diseases Models for Innovative Therapies) platforms on May 30, 2023. PASREL-imagerie aims to accelerate medical innovations by providing unique expertise and access to CEA’s Ile-de-France medical imaging platforms for translational research: PET, MRI, ultrasound, multimodal imaging and radiopharmaceutical production.

During this immersive day, participants had the opportunity to discover the world of imaging for research into neurodegenerative and infectious diseases, a unique insight into the medical prospects in these fields. Guided by renowned experts Roger Legrand, Frédéric Ducancel, Catherine Chapon in the field of infectious diseases, and Phiilippe Hantraye, Nadja Van Camp and Julien Flament in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, we explored innovative imaging technologies that enable in-depth study of the complex mechanisms of these diseases. At MIRCen, industrialists were fascinated by the advanced imaging techniques that revealed subtle details of the neuronal alterations characteristic of these pathologies. Researchers explained how these images could provide the basis for new approaches to treatment and diagnosis.

Visitors discovered how researchers exploit and/or develop preclinical models to study neurodegenerative and infectious diseases and test potential treatments. Beyond the scientific aspect, the visit also raised awareness of the crucial importance of collaborative research and the mobilization of resources to combat these diseases.